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SubjTrump, etc.
On 27/06/2018 21:50, Gregory Deyss -> Dale Shipp wrote:

DS>> In double checking, there are some rather legalistic definitions
DS>> defining who is and is not a US Person. These refugees may not fall
DS>> under those definitions, but they are still entitled to the full
DS>> protection of US law. And so is every one else who is on
DS>> American soil. Even Ward had that right when he goes to his BSA
DS>> camps.

GD> They are not American citizens, therefore not afforded anything from the
GD> including protection. You break the law you will be prosecuted.

So... non-US citizens are not protected by US law when they are in US, but they
can be prosecuted by US law when there?

You don't see that as a little one-sided?



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