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SubjThe 000 country phone number hoax
On 27/06/2018 20:54, Paul Quinn -> Kees van Eeten wrote:

KE>> If I run out of ideas, I will make a trip to Australia and hire a
KE>> mobilehome.

PQ> I detest travelling for the sake of just travelling. If I want to go
PQ> some place, I get there.

PQ> Now I would recommend a hire motor-tricycle-thingy with trailer, for
PQ> tent & camping gear. To my way of thinking those mobilehome vehicles are
PQ> deathtraps.

PQ> If you are serious about the notion, the local authority on touring
PQ> Australia is David Drummond (3:640/305), just 'up the road from me'.

I'm an "authority"???

Most of my touring has been on a two wheeled motorcycle with tent strapped on
the back. It's only just recently that I've employed 4 wheels and a slide on
camper (which is no more a death trap than many other vehicles out there). I am
still collecting "expertise and experience".



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