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SubjRe: War With Russia
> On 06/21/18, Janis Kracht said the following...

>> First, oh simple one, all the branches of Gov't currently are in the
>> REPUBLICAN majority's hands... or did you forget that on purpose? It is
>> HIS party that "cannot get it done".

> If the dems don;t get their act together, it will remain in Republican
> control.

That is NOT what you said.

My statement stands: HIS party that "cannot get it done"

>What I was talking about is bringing a bill to the floor to be voted upon, the
> dems obviously don't want to fix this, they already got played by Trump, as

As I said: HIS party that "cannot get it done"

> But I also hear that Trumps executive order might be overturned by some judge
> out west somewhere, if this happens then things will go back to the way they
> were 2 days ago, so the Dems have better get serious and learn to work
> together, so this issue can be dealt with once and for all.

You mean the Republicans better get serious. Lol

> Otherwise the dems will be slaughtered in November.
> Not so simple minded now am I?

Yes, you are as a matter of fact.

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