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SubjWar With Russia
Hello Greg,

>>> On 2018 Jun 19 23:17:00, you wrote to Gregory Deyss:

>>>>> This is nothing more this bias bullshit, the real truth is many
>>>>> children are in centers where these children are looked after,
GD> the
>>>>> center that I am referring to was a closed down wal*mart and was
>>>>> converted into to care center where these children are fed well,
GD> they
>>>>> have beds to sleep in and lots of activities even play video
GD> games as
>>>>> they have Sony Playstations

>>>> And NO mommies or daddies to comfort them, kiss them good night or
>>>> touch them. In fact none of the Gov't people CAN touch any of
GD> these
>>>> children or console them.

>>> and they won't allow those children to console each other,
GD> either... hel
>>> they're having to help each other... one eight year old girl had to
GD> teac
>>> others how to change the diaper of a baby she was trying to take
GD> care of.
>>> she had to teach them that because she was being moved to another
>>> facility...

JK>> And people like Greg can't admit this is happening and how BAD it is
JK>> because it is _way too close_ to Nazi Germany's dehumanization of
JK>> people. As I wrote to friend in Europe recently:

JK>> The first step is to dehumanize your chosen victims, the second step
GD> is
JK>> to claim you are only doing what the law requires, and the third step
GD> is
JK>> to deny everything until you can get the population to support it....
GD> or
JK>> at least pretend it's not happening.

JK>> Greg and others who support this BS are being played.

GD> The only ones that humanity will remember is the Democrats not acting on
GD> this. Turn in the News, this has been reversed by President Trump!!

Your president did *nothing* to fix the problem he caused for
himself, his party, and most especially those broken families.
An executive order to *temporarily* allow families to stay
together, until he decides to continue his mad policy. The man
is sicker than I ever imagined. He needs to end this policy.
Permanently. Now and forever.


Our Nuts, Your Mouth

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