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SubjHorror at World Cup
Hello Everybody,

"Don't cry for me, Argentina ..." ~Messi

Horror of horrors! Messi was not even able
to get a single kick at goal. Total wipeout.
Croatia stunned Argentina 3-0, with Diego
Maradona watching from the stands, not able
to say a word. Not in Spanish. Not in
English. Not in Russian. Not in any other

This was beyond belief. The world's greatest
player (Messi) being humiliated in front of
what used to be his legion of fans, with the
strong likelihood of Argentina not making
the final 16.

Little old Iceland, a land of only 330,000
people, managed a tie with Argentina. That
was bad. But at least Messi had a shot on
goal in that game. A goal he missed that
would have won the game.

With Germany needing a win, and Argentina
needing a win plus help from others, the
unthinkable might actually happen. Germany
and Argentina swept aside, the players
on both teams having to settle for watching
on the sidelines at some sports bar in Russia.

Meanwhile, Russia continues its march to the
championship, having won all its contests.
With the Netherlands not making the World Cup,
and the USA also a no-show, what real competition
is left? Certainly not Belgium ...


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