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Hello Bob,

RB>>> My understanding is that innocent dependents are _always_ separated
RB>>> from arrested persons accused of a felony, which is the case here.
RB>>> And that this does _not_ depend on the type of felony. Accused
RB>>> murderers and kidnappers are also not incarcerated together with
RB>>> their children. Nor are persons accused of lesser felonies.

LL>> It is a misdemeanor, not a felony. At least for first offense.

RB> Try reading what I write, Lee. The first offence is NOW a felony. Trump
RB> changed the rules.

There is no official Trump policy stating families entering
the US illegally have to be separated. That is the first thing
you have to learn about Trumpworld.

The law remains the same. Trump is using a different policy.
A "zero tolerance" policy, where everybody is charged with illegal
entry. Including those seeking asylum.

What the Trump administration is doing is mental gymnastics.
Threaten indefinite detention and separation of families as part
of some kind of deterrence strategy.

"If you are smuggling a child then we will prosecute you, and
that child will be separated from you as required by law. If you
don't like that, then don't smuggle children over our border."
~ Attorney General Jeff Sessions

They cross the border, and are apprehended. Children are
labeled "unaccompanied minors" and sent to government custody
or foster care. The parents are labeled criminals and sent
to jail.

That is Trumplogic, according to his AG, Jeff Sessions, quoted
above. Translated into regular English, this is the policy
we have under Trump -

All adults caught crossing into the US illegally are SUPPOSED
TO BE CRIMINALLY PROSECUTED. When that happens to a parent,
guess what? Separation is inevitable. See how that works?

Adults who have been referred for criminal prosecution get
sent to federal jail. A few weeks later they find out from
a federal judge if they will get prison time.

Everybody knows you can't be kept with your children in
federal jail. So bye-bye, kiddies! See ya in the next life!

Trump has made his position clear to all - criminal defendants
do not have a right to have their children with them in jail.

Indefinite Family Separation. Children to be held at US Army
bases. Presumably inside the USA. But who knows? Anything is
possible in Trumpworld.

RB>>> So this particular thing doesn't happen to be a Trump speciality. But
RB>>> see below.

LL>>>> It was never the policy of the GWB administration, or the Obama
LL>>>> administration, to do so.

RB> Except that the law specifies otherwise. You are not correctly informed.

AG Jeff Sessions informed us all about Trump's "zero tolerance"
policy on May 7. The law remains unchanged. Policy can be changed
or done away with on a whim.

RB>>> It most certainly was.

LL>> First offense, misdemeanor.

RB> Except NOW it is a felony! Dammit, don't you read the news?

The law remains the same. First offense is still a misdemeanor.

AG Jeff Sessions and Thomas Homan (Director of ICE) told the
world about the Trump administration adopting a zero tolerance
policy toward anyone crossing into the US by Border Patrol.

All those caught would be referred to the Department of Justice.
Everyone referred would be prosecuted for the MISDEMEANOR of
illegal entry.

Everyone means everyone. Including those seeking asylum.

When the adults are transferred to criminal custody, their
children are then labeled as "unaccompanied minors" - same as
if they had traveled alone without their parents. Since they
are no longer able to stay with their parents (in federal jail),
the children are placed into the care of a totally different
government department. The plan is to use US Army bases as
kiddie camps. I do hope our soldiers learn to speak Spanish.

RB>>> However, the critical difference between then and now is that a
RB>>> first-time illegal entry into the USA was previously classed as a
RB>>> misdemenor. Those accused of a misdemenor are not generally separated
RB>>> from dependents, as their punishment is generally only a fine, not a
RB>>> prison term. And nobody puts children into prison for the crimes of
RB>>> their parents.

LL>> The Trump administration changed the policy to classify first
LL>> offenders as criminals, without making distinction between misdemeanor
LL>> and felony, thus having the right not only to separate children from
LL>> their parents, but also to send them to prison.

RB> "Criminals" is layman's talk. A first offence in the subject we are
RB> discussing is NOW a felony. It was previously a misdemenor.

Trump did nothing to change the law. First offense is still a
misdemeanor. The change is his "zero tolerance" policy. Since
everyone is charged with illegal entry, adults are placed in
federal jail. Obviously, you cannot put children in jail with
their parents. Duh.

RB>>> The big change is that it's now classed as a felony and thus the law
RB>>> (not one made by Trump) takes its course.

LL>> The Trump administration did nothing to change the law. It made a
LL>> change in policy, committing a most heinous act.

RB> Horse shit. I object both to pro- and anti-Trump tirades. You scream
RB> anti-Trump, others scream pro-Trump. Neither of you is 100% right. I see a
RB> lot of half-truths here, and frankly am sick of the infighting.

Trump is always right. He said so himself. So it must be true.


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