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SubjRe: War With Russia
On 06/21/18, Janis Kracht said the following...

JK> First, oh simple one, all the branches of Gov't currently are in the
JK> REPUBLICAN majority's hands... or did you forget that on purpose? It is
JK> HIS party that "cannot get it done".
If the dems don;t get their act together, it will remain in Republican

What I was talking about is bringing a bill to the floor to be voted upon, the
dems obviously don't want to fix this, they already got played by Trump, as
they 2 days ago complaining that the children were detained with out their
parents, then Trump signs this executive order and ends the the child
separation from being detained from their parents. Then 2 days later they are
still complaining that children are detained with their parents.

I see where this going and what they really want is open borders and for no one
to be detained, that is NOT going to happen. Nor will the Government do what
was done previously because it did not work as planned; which is to give them
appearance ticket to comeback to court, yeah nice try, history has shown they
never show up to court. So now they will be detained until court
then transported back to country their country of origin.

But I also hear that Trumps executive order might be overturned by some judge
out west somewhere, if this happens then things will go back to the way they
were 2 days ago, so the Dems have better get serious and learn to work
together, so this issue can be dealt with once and for all.
Otherwise the dems will be slaughtered in November.
Not so simple minded now am I?

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