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SubjWar With Russia
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RB>> Gregory Deyss wrote to Ward Dossche on Tuesday June 19 2018 at 07:36:

GD>> What we did not do is "but the line", sneak in the country, in the
GD>> cloak of darkness. We did not expect others to take care of us
GD>> through Government handouts.

RB>> You make one assumption here that I consider unjustified.

RB>> That is, that all illegal immigrants only want to live without
RB>> working on government handouts.

RB>> My impression is that many would _like_ to work, but in view of the
RB>> lack of documentation (Social Security Card) are prevented from doing
RB>> so in most cases.

BM> Undocumented can get an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification
BM> nember) which allows them to file witholding taxes yet does NOT give
BM> them the right to file for any social benefits. So they gladly pay
BM> without any of the reward.

RB> The only question that remains is to _why_ any undocumented refugee
RB> would apply for such an ITIN and pay taxes without receiving any
RB> benefit. Normal people would simply try to get "under the table" work
RB> and to hell with the IRS. That might cause problems for their employer,
RB> but why should they care?

Employers getting caught with undocumented (without the ITIN) risk HUGE fines.
From what I understand, those employers who do employ undocumented with an ITIN
are less likely to be punished because they're paying taxes as well on those
employees. Remember, $ talks...

RB>> I wonder why - to my knowledge - there has been no discussion of such
RB>> a system either here or in the USA, since it would also alleviate
RB>> feelings such as those you express above. No "featherbedding", just
RB>> honest work.

BM> they are allowed to work here. There is a US program called H1-B that
BM> allows foreign workers to work legally IF the said jobs didn't have
BM> any US citizens capable of doing them.

RB> Illegal refugees? For me, that isn't synonymous with "foreign workers".

No, they're not considered illegal unless they overstay that H1-B visa.

BM> The number of these visas were 500 per year. Trump signed an EO
BM> limiting the amount to 300 but not before Mar-A-Largo was approved for
BM> 100 visas to import cooks, busboys and chambermaids. Meanwhile, the
BM> Maryland crab industry, the fruitgrowers around the country and the
BM> food service industry that depends on these undocumented workers are
BM> hurting. Pretty soon a crab dinner is going to cost more that a
BM> lobster...

RB> Maybe, but as long as human nature ignores restrictive legislation, I
RB> doubt it.

When most of the crab industry in Maryland complained, he grudgingly signed an
EO lifting the restrictions... then claimed he revitalized the crab industry.

RB> By the way, when have you had a crab dinner recently? I lived in Boston
RB> for four years and never saw one offered. But the roast at Durgan Park
RB> was absolutely fabulous.

I live in NJ... what do you think? The New England areas are normally 'lobstah'
and 'clam chowdah' driven. I'm sure you could get crab... the question is why?

RB> I loved the place, but I can remember my doctoral advisor, a professor
RB> at MIT, being quite irritated by the lack of respect shown by the
RB> waiters ;-)

I'm sure back then they were students as well... making all of $0.49/hour and I
doubt, knowing Bostonians, were overindulgent tippers.

RB> The only crab dinner I ever had in the States was when my sister - who
RB> lived near Washington DC at the time - ordered a huge number of cooked
RB> crabs and my girlfriend (later wife) and my sister and her family spent
RB> the evening cracking crab shells.

Yup... normally here the cooked crabs are thrown on a table covered in
newspaper and you just pick one and crack away. That's half the fun!!

RB> All I can remember was the fact that the crabs were so highly seasoned
RB> that my mouth burned the whole evening ;-)

LOL... I guess they were fans of Old Bay Seasoning...

I love that stuff... :)

RB> Cheers, Bob

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