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SubjWar With Russia
-=> Robert Bashe wrote to Bill McGarrity on 06-21-18 09:02 <=-

RB>> Passports are a relatively new invention, and weren't in general use
RB>> until after WWI.

BM> And probably very easy to forge... so why bother?

RB> Well, in the beginning they were easy to forge. But nowadays they

thus my statement...

RB> contain everything but a piece of your flesh for DNA analysis. And I
RB> expect something like that will be the next stage. Or maybe a
RB> compulsory chip for everyone, embedded in a vital organ to prevent any
RB> tampering or removal.

Yup... my latest one ahs the 'RFD' in it... all digitally printed with 10
different holograms that only show up under a black light along with, as you
said, flesh.. :)

RB> Brave New World!

RB> At present, however, the final question is not how easy they are to
RB> forge, but how precisely they are checked. If a border official merely
RB> looks at the picture and compares it to the person, even a passport
RB> with a similar picture could get by. Apparently there are some
RB> countries where this is the case.

Most countries I've visted have scanners for the RFD anoung other ways. My
picture is somehow digitally embedded into the paper, if indeed that's what it
is. Certainly doesn't bend like paper.

RB> But if a passport is really checked, fingerprints taken and compared,
RB> there's not much chance for a forgery to get past immigration these
RB> days.

Agreed... :)



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