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SubjWar With Russia
-=> Dale Shipp wrote to Bill Mcgarrity on 06-21-18 01:23 <=-

BM> days. Maybe he should think about investing in the court system so
BM> these 'criminals' :) can be processed faster so they can either stay or
BM> be deported. That's where my $ would go and I assure you, it would
BM> certainly cost less that a wall where the cartels will just tunnel
BM> under anyway and we'd be right back where we are today only $30+
BM> billion (and growing) poorer.

DS> The news today is that he is sending JAG (military lawyers) to Texas to
DS> help prosecute the cases. Of course, Jag officers do not have training
DS> in immigration law so they have to have a crash course in that.

DS> I wonder is he is sending an equal number of defense lawyers to act as
DS> the public defenders that these people are entitled to?

The man is a walking fubar...



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