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SubjRe: War With Russia
> You will need to find something else to bitch about, because Trump has signed
> an executive order stating the families will now be staying together.

Good luck to all those thousands who will have to TRY and find their
families... Thanks to the Big One in the WH.

> Donald Trump did this, because the democrats will not and can not get it
> done.

First, oh simple one, all the branches of Gov't currently are in the REPUBLICAN
majority's hands... or did you forget that on purpose? It is HIS party that
"cannot get it done".

Here's a little culture for you, it is a great line from a play that is

"... He died cheerfully on a gibbet of his own devising..." (Jean Brodie, by
Maxwell Anderson)

Trump digs the grave of his presidency with every word that comes out of his

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