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SubjWar With Russia
Hi Bill,

>>> Hello,

>>> You are receiving this message because you posted in defense of Donald
> rump.
>>> no longer provide iindividual responses on this matter. It has been my
>>> experience that Trump supporters are universally incapable of accepting

>>> As you can probably ascertained, it has been met with mixed reviews. The
>>> Trumpsters hate it, folks who have a grasp on reality love it.

>>> +10 :) :)

>> :)

>> I couldn't resist ... I typed it up.. took a "picture" of it with my
>> system and saved it as a jpg.. Lol.. I'm putting it on my web page
>> tonight :) :) Can I give you credit for this gem? :)

> Well, actually no. I 'borrowed' it myself.. but it's my sentiment to the T!

Understand :) :)

Take care,

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