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SubjRe: War With Russia
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RB> Gregory Deyss wrote to Janis Kracht on Wednesday June 20 2018 at 20:19:
RB> GD> The President signed an executive order today that children will no
RB> GD> longer be separated from their families.
RB> But put into jail with them. Not _quite_ the same as reverting _his_
RB> change of the status for first-time illegal border crossings from a
RB> misdemenor to a felony.
RB> Let's stick to the facts, shall we? And the fact remains that Trump
RB> _could_ change the status of this "crime" back to what it was before his
RB> interference. Which would solve the self-made "problem" in an instant.

What will happen now they will be caught and transported back to Mexico, I
doubt that they will be dropped off from the country of their origin.

RB> But why should he? He's not the kind to retreat with his tail between
RB> his legs. Instead, he changed only part of what he himself caused, and
RB> calls that "compassion". I assume he knows the meaning of the word, so
RB> all I can assume is cold calculation in preparation for the upcoming
RB> congressional elections.

What happens time and time again, it that these folks are given a date in the
future to appear in court, and they never appear for their court date are
never seen. We need to be smarter, what would happen in Germany if you are
caught sneaking across the German border. What happens?

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