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Janis Kracht wrote to Robert Bashe on Wednesday June 20 2018 at 12:21:

JK> Sorry Bob, Illegal entry is still a misdemeanor.

Now I don't know what to believe. My information has been that it is now a
felony, and thus has penalties including jail terms. Misdemendors generally
involve fines, not jail terms.

JK> The difference is that Trump unlike previous administrations has
JK> decided that all immigrants who enter illegally should be detained
JK> separate from their children...

My understanding is that incarcerated felons are - incarcerated. Children, not
being felons, are not. That results in the separation. It isn't some arbitarry
decison by Mr. Trump.

JK> Previous administrations did not detain families with children who
JK> entered illegally.

Were single, illegal entries previously felonies? That seems to be the crux of
this situation. If they were, then my understanding of the present situation is
wrong. If they were misdemenors, my understanding appears to be correct.

Janis, I see much too much emotional ranting from both sides here. And it's
very hard to decide what the facts are.

I also don't think it just or compassionate to separate parents from children.
But at the same time, I don't think it's particularly just or compassionate to
put children together with their parents in prison for something that should be
punished - if at all - by a fine and deportation.

Now, just how Mr. Trump figures in all this is being muddied by the waters
spread by both sides. On the one hand, Trump is a bastard because he separates
children from their parents. On the other, he's only obeying the law that
specifies that children should not be incarcerated for the crimes of their

The main difference I see is: felony vs. misdemenor. In the one case, you go to
jail. In the other, you pay a fine and are deported.

This is the state of my knowledge to date.

Cheers, Bob

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