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SubjWar With Russia
Lee Lofaso wrote to Robert Bashe on Thursday June 21 2018 at 02:33:

RB>> My understanding is that innocent dependents are _always_ separated
RB>> from arrested persons accused of a felony, which is the case here.
RB>> And that this does _not_ depend on the type of felony. Accused
RB>> murderers and kidnappers are also not incarcerated together with
RB>> their children. Nor are persons accused of lesser felonies.

LL> It is a misdemeanor, not a felony. At least for first offense.

Try reading what I write, Lee. The first offence is NOW a felony. Trump changed
the rules.

RB>> So this particular thing doesn't happen to be a Trump speciality. But
RB>> see below.

LL>>> It was never the policy of the GWB administration, or the Obama
LL>>> administration, to do so.

Except that the law specifies otherwise. You are not correctly informed.

RB>> It most certainly was.

LL> First offense, misdemeanor.

Except NOW it is a felony! Dammit, don't you read the news?

RB>> However, the critical difference between then and now is that a
RB>> first-time illegal entry into the USA was previously classed as a
RB>> misdemenor. Those accused of a misdemenor are not generally separated
RB>> from dependents, as their punishment is generally only a fine, not a
RB>> prison term. And nobody puts children into prison for the crimes of
RB>> their parents.

LL> The Trump administration changed the policy to classify first
LL> offenders as criminals, without making distinction between misdemeanor
LL> and felony, thus having the right not only to separate children from
LL> their parents, but also to send them to prison.

"Criminals" is layman's talk. A first offence in the subject we are discussing
is NOW a felony. It was previously a misdemenor.

RB>> The big change is that it's now classed as a felony and thus the law
RB>> (not one made by Trump) takes its course.

LL> The Trump administration did nothing to change the law. It made a
LL> change in policy, committing a most heinous act.

Horse shit. I object both to pro- and anti-Trump tirades. You scream
anti-Trump, others scream pro-Trump. Neither of you is 100% right. I see a lot
of half-truths here, and frankly am sick of the infighting.

Cheers, Bob

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