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Lee Lofaso wrote to All on Thursday June 21 2018 at 02:32:

LL> I had a phone call today. Hadn't heard from her in a coon's age. Her
LL> husband dropped dead of a massive coronary. No need to call an
LL> ambulance. Not that it would have done him any good. He was much
LL> younger than me, in his early 50s. He was a health professional, at
LL> work at a hospital, when the event happened. He was probably dead
LL> before he hit the floor, and could not be revived.

Lucky, lucky man. That's exactly the way I hope to go. No long, painful decline
- just a sudden "that's it". Hard for the survivors, but the best possible
world for the deceased.

My ideal in this affair is Bing Crosby, who similarly collapsed and died after
a satisfying round of golf in Spain. Can't beat that for a great send-off.

But most of us are denied that favor and suffer.

Cheers, Bob

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