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SubjWar With Russia
Bill McGarrity wrote to Robert Bashe on Wednesday June 20 2018 at 17:40:

RB>> Gregory Deyss wrote to Ward Dossche on Tuesday June 19 2018 at 07:36:

GD>> What we did not do is "but the line", sneak in the country, in the
GD>> cloak of darkness. We did not expect others to take care of us
GD>> through Government handouts.

RB>> You make one assumption here that I consider unjustified.

RB>> That is, that all illegal immigrants only want to live without
RB>> working on government handouts.

RB>> My impression is that many would _like_ to work, but in view of the
RB>> lack of documentation (Social Security Card) are prevented from doing
RB>> so in most cases.

BM> Undocumented can get an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification
BM> nember) which allows them to file witholding taxes yet does NOT give
BM> them the right to file for any social benefits. So they gladly pay
BM> without any of the reward.

The only question that remains is to _why_ any undocumented refugee would apply
for such an ITIN and pay taxes without receiving any benefit. Normal people
would simply try to get "under the table" work and to hell with the IRS. That
might cause problems for their employer, but why should they care?

RB>> I wonder why - to my knowledge - there has been no discussion of such
RB>> a system either here or in the USA, since it would also alleviate
RB>> feelings such as those you express above. No "featherbedding", just
RB>> honest work.

BM> they are allowed to work here. There is a US program called H1-B that
BM> allows foreign workers to work legally IF the said jobs didn't have
BM> any US citizens capable of doing them.

Illegal refugees? For me, that isn't synonymous with "foreign workers".

BM> The number of these visas were 500 per year. Trump signed an EO
BM> limiting the amount to 300 but not before Mar-A-Largo was approved for
BM> 100 visas to import cooks, busboys and chambermaids. Meanwhile, the
BM> Maryland crab industry, the fruitgrowers around the country and the
BM> food service industry that depends on these undocumented workers are
BM> hurting. Pretty soon a crab dinner is going to cost more that a
BM> lobster...

Maybe, but as long as human nature ignores restrictive legislation, I doubt it.

By the way, when have you had a crab dinner recently? I lived in Boston for
four years and never saw one offered. But the roast at Durgan Park was
absolutely fabulous.

I loved the place, but I can remember my doctoral advisor, a professor at MIT,
being quite irritated by the lack of respect shown by the waiters ;-)

The only crab dinner I ever had in the States was when my sister - who lived
near Washington DC at the time - ordered a huge number of cooked crabs and my
girlfriend (later wife) and my sister and her family spent the evening cracking
crab shells.

All I can remember was the fact that the crabs were so highly seasoned that my
mouth burned the whole evening ;-)

Cheers, Bob

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