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SubjWar With Russia
Gregory Deyss wrote to Robert Bashe on Wednesday June 20 2018 at 07:46:

Allow refugrees to work on public projects, low pay, but with food and

GD> Right Bob, but if you read what some have indicated in here, these
GD> undocumented have a 'special tax id' that allows them to pay taxes and
GD> therefore contribute. I find this counterproductive to the law if your
GD> considered to being undocumented.

Is there _really_ such a thing as a "special tax ID"? I've never heard of
anything like that, nor seen anything to indicate that refugees can legally
work for pay in the USA without their applications being approved. As far as I
know, you'd have a hard time finding legal work without a Social Security Card.
Of course, that doesn't exclude "under the hand" work in agriculture, for
example fruit picking in California. But as far as I know, no _legal_ work is
available for such people.

Cheers, Bob

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