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SubjThe Z1 election
Hello Carol,

On Wednesday June 20 2018 21:45, you wrote to me:

MV>> It is bad enough that Fidonet is divided into zones by politics
MV>> but for a smoothly operating network, we should at least all
MV>> adhere to the same agreed upon TECHNICAL standards.

CS> The problem is you think the technical standards were agreed on but in
CS> cases, they were not.

Listing nodes that have no public contact info as "Pvt" has been an agreed upon
standard dating from even before the birth of the FTSC.


But apparantly even those 30+ year old agreed upon standards can be swept aside
by a simple "Duh... Z1 does not do it that way".

Why the hell do we still bother to invest time and energy into documenting

CS> Some where never FTSC listed like the static 0 set I added so Z3 could
CS> filter better until all were ready for -Unpublished- entries. ---

??? English please...

Cheers, Michiel

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