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DS> What makes you think they were taking during the Obama era? PUSU.

GD> It's obvious there is a date stamp in the corner of the photo.
GD> The date aligns with the Obama era. People filled with hate so much
GD> that they saw this photo and thought that they would be slick and put
GD> it out there with a false narrative, they were so consumed with hate
GD> they did not see the date stamp on the photo. Oops

Oops yourself. I told you to put up or shut up, and all you did is make
another unsubstantiated claim. Provide a link to such a photo. And
then take a look at the many very recent photos that are being

DS> Trump is holding these children hostage to blackmail congress. He says
DS> "Fund my wall and I will stop the policy I created!" I had always
DS> thought that blackmail was a felony offence.

GD> No that is no true at all, you have it twisted, this is nothing new
GD> for folks on the left. What was said he out together a DACA package
GD> which included funding for the boarder wall.

Again, you need to check your sources. He explictly said that if
congress funded a border wall, he would remove his policy. Today, he
has partially backed off of that and did sign an executive order
removing the policy -- at least in part. What happens next remains to
be seen.

DS> DS> The latest news is even more disturbing. The Trump adiministration
GD> has DS> recently opened three secret (AKA Black) sites to hold infant
GD> and DS> toddlers who have been taken from their mothers. DS>
DS> This is not the policy that any sane American should support.

GD> Black sites? no such thing, if there was, why would they be known.

Because AP News found out about their existence, but not their location.
Hence they are secret sites.

GD> Why be anti-Trump when our nation is better then ever before.

That is not clear at all.

GD> The lowest Unemployment,

Yes, for now.

GD> more money in our paychecks,

For some, but not for the farmers who are suffering from Trump's
tarifs and the reaction of the countries he has declared Trade war with.
Probably not for the people who have to pay more for the result of
higher steel prices because of his tariffs.

GD> Stock Market Up.

I believe you have made that false claim before and been shown the
error. Since the beginning of the year, Trump's policys have resulted
in a down market. Hope you did not have any money there.

Dale Shipp
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