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SubjThe Z1 election
Re: The Z1 election
By: Michiel van der Vlist to Carol Shenkenberger on Sun Jun 10 2018 09:07 am

MV> Hello Carol,

MV> On Wednesday June 06 2018 23:23, you wrote to me:

MV>>> The reason it is flagged as in error is because Pvt is missing!!

MV>>> You are an FTSC member. I should not have to explain it to you. But
MV>>> since you completely missed it I will explain anyway. From
MV>>> FTS-5000:

CS>> Duh.... Z1 doesnt do it that way.

MV> "Z1 doesn't do it that way.." <sigh>

No 2 zones operate identically. I suggest getting on with it.

MV> It is bad enough that Fidonet is divided into zones by politics but for a
MV> smoothly operating network, we should at least all adhere to the same
MV> agreed upon TECHNICAL standards.

The problem is you think the technical standards were agreed on but in cases,
they were not. Some where never FTSC listed like the static 0 set I added so
Z3 could filter better until all were ready for -Unpublished- entries.
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