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BM> -=> Gregory Deyss wrote to Bill McGarrity on 06-19-18 23:30 <=-
BM> BM> Glad to hear your ancestors were hard working people but I must ask o
BM> BM> question. Did they, like so many, apply for a permanent residency vis
BM> BM> at a US Embassy in Germany and wait ten years for it to be processed
BM> BM> did they travel to Hamburg, hop on a frigette, take the trip to NYC
BM> BM> (less Lady Liberty), get off the boat and catch the next wagontrain t
BM> BM> Albany?
BM> GD> I honestly do not know if there was a US Embassy in Hamburg, way back
BM> GD> then in Germany. I would like to find out as I have been wanting to
BM> GD> discovery about family history, and I wonder if I have relatives that
BM> GD> exist in Germany.
BM> I doubt it very much but that's ok.... you missed my point totally.

You mean I did not fall for your trap, naturally I would not.

BM> BM> Really? Did your ancestors have documented paperwork by the US Embass
BM> BM> Germany before stepping foot on US soil?
BM> GD> I could ask you the same question did your ancestors, did they have t
BM> GD> required paperwork from the US Embassy in Ireland before stepping foo
BM> GD> on US soil?
BM> Probably not. My maternal ancestors were here from the 1830's and I know
BM> they never had any paperwork to enter the country. They were seaman
BM> though so I can only assume there were crewmembers and decided to stay.
BM> Don't think paperwork other than declaring yourself was all that was
BM> needed back then. Guess the government was worried about all the GOP
BM> boogiemen. I know my 4x great uncle served in the Merchant Marines
BM> during the Civil War and by then was aturalized.
BM> GD> I have a question for you, does any of this matter now, because we ar
BM> GD> both Americans. I would think that both of our ancestors came here
BM> GD> through ellis island.
BM> Sure it does and as I explained above, not all mine did. Ellis Island
BM> was a port-of-entry and I'll bet 98% of those who were immigrating had
BM> NO papers other than the clothes on their back. So the excuse of 'my
BM> anscestors came through Ellis Island' is propaganda. Actully, it would
BM> help the very type of immigration your fighting against. That's my
BM> point. Ellis Island is a false narrative for the Trump generation.
BM> GD> I wonder what would of happened if one decided that they wanted
BM> GD> to take the thought process of today's undocumented immigrant and jus
BM> GD> had the thought to themselves, you know what I am not going to ellis
BM> GD> island to be processed, I want to skip the lines, jump out of the boa
BM> GD> and swim to shore.
BM> Greg, the fact still remains NONE of them had immigration paperwork and
BM> were considered refugees. I'm not really sure what type of hardship
BM> there was in Germany back then (I'm sure I could look it up if I was of
BM> German ancestry) but I do know mine were fleeing the British control
BM> under the disguise of the potato famine.
BM> GD> All I can tell you Bill, we are a sovereign nation of laws, if the la
BM> GD> are ignored then we have no country.
BM> I agree yet Trump decided to change the law for asylum/refugee seekers
BM> making their first time entry a felony rather than a misdemeanor. You do
BM> understand the precidence he set. It could be argued that any
BM> misdemeanor could warrant the removal of any child from a family where a
BM> parent/guardian commits a misdemeanor. That includes simple assault,
BM> reckless driving, DUI, creating a disturbance.... etc. See how things
BM> can spiral from one act of reckless insanity?
BM> I am not against a more defined immigration policy and it should be done
BM> but the man's insanity blaming the 'other' party is childish.

No its not he a President not a dictator.

This has
BM> been going on for decades no matter which party controlled the
BM> legislative branch. The 'wall' is a pipe dream. It's never going to
BM> happen but it certainly was a good talking point on his behalf,
BM> especially where Mexico was going to pay for it. Y'll feel for that
BM> hook, line and sinker.

Don't think so, the wall is already up in parts.
As far as Mexico paying for it, just you wait.

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