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SubjWar With Russia
Hello Bob,

GD>> What we did not do is "but the line", sneak in the country, in GD>the
RB> cloak of darkness. We did not expect others to take care of GD>us through
RB> Government handouts.

RB> You make one assumption here that I consider unjustified.

Prior to the days of the FDR administration, there were no government
handouts. Yet immigrants came, and continued to come.

RB> That is, that all illegal immigrants only want to live without working
RB> on government handouts.

Everybody wants to get something for nothing. And some folks truly
deserve it. Does the world owe me a living? Yes. Absolutely.

Every person on this planet should have that basic right. To exist,
and live freely among one's own kind. As an equal. Food, water,
shelter, access to quality health care, the whole nine yards. Even
after death, which takes us all, every person deserves a marker,
so as never to be forgotten.

Of course, not everybody will agree with that philosophy ...

RB> My impression is that many would _like_ to work,

There is dignity in work, but no one should be forced to work. For
example, I have not worked a real job in deccades. Nor do I have any
desire to do so at any time in the near or distant future. However,
I do like to play ...

RB> but in view of the lack of documentation (Social Security Card) are
RB> prevented from doing so in most cases.

Have you ever worked on a pot farm? Not the kind of farm that makes
kitchen accessories, but the other kind. Although such farms are not
legal in all states, there are lots of jobs available at every farm
that is in operation. And those jobs pay really well, from what I

Some of these farms do not require any kind of documentation at
all. Just the willingness and desire to work, the only requirement
being to stay awake while doing the job. The income these folks
make from picking the fields is not reported, as it is a cash only
business. Kind of like bookies and gamblers.

This is a part of the underground economy. A significant and
growing part. It is not just those painting houses, mowing lawns,
handymans, etc. Some of them even speak English as their only

RB> This kind of problem also exists in Germany, where refugees are not
RB> _allowed_ to work - at least in theory in order to protect local jobs -
RB> just sit around all day.

Most Turks are Muslim, and breed like rabbits. No need to work
when children will provide ...

RB> However, I often wonder whether something like the CCC (remember FDR and
RB> Depression?), public works on infrastructure and the like, wouldn't be a
RB> better way to go. Pay a refugee a low wage (not competitive with regular
RB> wages), provide food and shelter on top, and require work on public
RB> projects in return, at least until an application for refugee status is
RB> approved or disapproved. That would seem to benefit all concerned, without
RB> endangering local jobs.

FDR ended the practice of indentured servants, which were lower
than slaves. What folks fail to understand is that slaves could
buy their freedom. An indentured servant was never able to do
so, and what was owed was passed down to his/her children to pay.
Many Poles and Irish were very thankful to FDR, and wished he
would live forever ...

RB> I wonder why - to my knowledge - there has been no discussion of such a
RB> system either here or in the USA, since it would also alleviate feelings
RB> such as those you express above. No "featherbedding", just honest work.

JFK and Mayor Daley had a deal. And that deal won the election
for JFK against Richard Nixon. The dead really do vote in Chicago.


Often Licked, Never Beaten

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