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Hello Bob,

LL>> It is the policy of the Trump administration to separate parents from
LL>> their children.

RB> My understanding is that innocent dependents are _always_ separated from
RB> arrested persons accused of a felony, which is the case here. And that
RB> does _not_ depend on the type of felony. Accused murderers and kidnappers
RB> are also not incarcerated together with their children. Nor are persons
RB> accused of lesser felonies.

It is a misdemeanor, not a felony. At least for first offense.
Obama did make a change, making second offense a felony. But we
are talking about first offense. Previous administrations had
a policy of keeping families together. The Trump adminisstration
chose to change that policy, separating children from their
parents, and then deporting them apart and at different times.
The number of children having been separated so far is 2,500+.
All of them now in effect orphans, with no place to go.

RB> So this particular thing doesn't happen to be a Trump speciality. But see
RB> below.

LL>> It was never the policy of the GWB administration, or the Obama
LL>> administration, to do so.

RB> It most certainly was.

First offense, misdemeanor. All families remained together.
Except for criminals and diseased. Second offense, felony (the
was the change the Obama administration made).

RB> However, the critical difference between then and now is that a first-time
RB> illegal entry into the USA was previously classed as a misdemenor. Those
RB> accused of a misdemenor are not generally separated from dependents, as
RB> their punishment is generally only a fine, not a prison term. And nobody
RB> puts children into prison for the crimes of their parents.

The Trump administration changed the policy to classify first offenders
as criminals, without making distinction between misdemeanor and felony,
thus having the right not only to separate children from their parents,
but also to send them to prison.

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony? The length
of time sentenced/incarcerated. Under a year is generally viewed as a
misdemeanor. Over a year is generally viewed as being a felony.

That's going to be a lot of converted Wal-Marts and shopping malls to
hold them kids ...

RB> The big change is that it's now classed as a felony and thus the law (not
RB> one made by Trump) takes its course.

The Trump administration did nothing to change the law. It made
a change in policy, committing a most heinous act.

RB> THIS is what you can blame Trump for, but NOT for the fact that accused
RB> felons are separated from dependents. That was always the case.

First offense has always been classified as a misdemeanor. Children
had never been separated from their parents by any administration
under the current law prior to Trump. As such, Trump has only himself
to blame, and nobody else.

RB> So campaign to reduce a first-time illegal entry back to the status of a
RB> misdemenor, and the problem would be solved.

Trump did nothing to change the law. Not that he could, as only
the Congress has that authority. But even then, the Congress did
nothing to change the law. Trump acted alone, changing the policy
previous administrations had been using, in order to separate as
many children as could be found from their parents.

RB> Trump could do this with the stroke of a pen.

He can do it easier by saying three little words -

"I fucked up."

But you know as well as I do that Trump will never admit to making
a mistake. He is perfect, and can do no wrong.

RB> But his policy is to attempt to fan the flames he caused by making a
RB> first-time illegal entry a felony instead of a misdemenor,

Even the courts have ruled he can't do that. But that has not
stopped him from continuing his mad policy.

RB> and shift the hue and cry to the Democrats.

His favorite punching bags are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
Which one he is punching depends on the time of day.

RB> That is natually untrue, but in his eyes politically expedient. So he will
RB> stick to his guns (no pun intended), do nothing, and keep blaming the
RB> opposition for the mess he has caused by changing the status of a
RB> first-time illegal entry. THAT was in his interest, and (he hopes) may
RB> still get his party votes in the upcoming congressional elections.

He is using an interpretation by his attorney general as being
the basis of his policy to separate children from their parents.
Nothing has been changed in the law, as only the Congress has
that authority.

He is using children as weapons in order to get funding to build
his wall, through an immigration bill to be voted on by a majority
Republican Congress. If it fails, he will blame Democrats.

See how that works? It's always somebody eles's fault.

What a loser.


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