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SubjRe: War With Russia
On 06/20/18, mark lewis said the following...

ml> On 2018 Jun 20 07:35:46, you wrote to Dale Shipp:
ml> DS>> GD> enforcing the laws on the books. Nice try with the cage comment
ml> DS>> mayb
ml> DS>> GD> your not aware that these photos with children in cages that
ml> DS>> repulse
ml> DS>> GD> you so much, were taken while Obama era was he was President.
ml> DS>> This do
ml> DS>> GD> not have anything to do with Trump.
ml> DS>>
ml> DS>> What makes you think they were taking during the Obama era? PUSU.
ml> GD> It's obvious there is a date stamp in the corner of the photo.
ml> we're not talking about that photo...

No I would imagine you wouldn't because it totally destroys the propaganda
that they were trying to put forth.

we're talking about the ones taken
ml> in the last few weeks...

The pics that I have seen they have beds to sleep in and are well cared for.

ml> Donald J. Trump
ml> Verified account @realDonaldTrump

There is no need for to post these tweets here.
I get every one of them, accurately and efficiently and un-edited by people
such as your self who would love to falsely create a narrative, and why not,
it's not like it has not been done before.

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