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SubjRe: War With Russia
On 06/20/18, mark lewis said the following...

ml> On 2018 Jun 19 23:49:36, you wrote to Janis Kracht:
ml> JK>> As I note above, Smells like Nazi Germany to me.
ml> GD> Get a grip Janis, in the Nazi camps Jews were put to death.
ml> not in the beginning they weren't... that came later...
ml> GD> No one is dying here, and they are not in cages at any facility,
ml> bullshit they aren't...

They are not dying. if they were believe me the fake news media would be all
over this. That is sick and a far far reach to compare what is going on at
the southern to Nazi Germany.

ml> GD> but there is a pic that is circulating on the internet, and that was
ml> GD> taken under the Obama era, and yes those children were in cages.
ml> we're not talking about that picture, gomez...
ml> GD> where was your outrage when Obama did this?
ml> obama didn't do it... it started earlier with your other buddy, bush...

Wrong Again Julio, it was non other than slick Willie William Jefferson

ml> Separating the children from the parents is biblically compliant.

It's also biblically compliant to follow the law.

ml> Separating the children from the parents is the Democrats' fault.
ml> Separated children are being placed in "Summer Camps".

You will need to find something else to bitch about, because Trump has signed
an executive order stating the families will now be staying together.
Donald Trump did this, because the democrats will not and can not get it

ml> Crime in Germany is up 10% plus since migrants were accepted.

Just wait, until the next Chancellor is elected, the migrants will be running
for the exits in Germany.

ml> I have the absolute right to PARDON myself.

You certainly do have many things twisted, you know who started that by
asking the question, will the President pardon himself
George Stephanopoulos of ABC news.

The answer is yes he can but he won't because this Russian collusion is totally
and completely made up.

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