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SubjRe: War With Russia
On 06/20/18, mark lewis said the following...

ml> you're right about that! trump doesn't know the law and he ignores it at
ml> every turn... this is quite apparent in his actions and these things he
ml> is doing... he's done it for decades... ignore the law until he is
ml> caught doing something to break them and then he does what it takes to
ml> make that problem ""go away""... why do you think he has had so many of
ml> his companies go bankrupt?

If this is your only jumping off point, this will not take that long.
Many businesses use the law within Bankruptcy system.

ml> for personal and family financial

Settle down Beavis, the country is doing better than ever before, GDP is up
and on the rise, Stock market has reached new records never before seen,
lowest unemployment in 14 years. Peace starting with the North Koreans.

As far as your claims that he is doing for financial gain...
He is freakin Donald Trump, I don't he needs the money.

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