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Hiya Robert...

-=> Robert Bashe wrote to Lee Lofaso on 06-20-18 11:45 <=-

RB> So campaign to reduce a first-time illegal entry back to the status of
RB> a misdemenor, and the problem would be solved. Trump could do this with
RB> the stroke of a pen. But his policy is to attempt to fan the flames he
RB> caused by making a first-time illegal entry a felony instead of a
RB> misdemenor, and shift the hue and cry to the Democrats. That is
RB> natually untrue, but in his eyes politically expedient. So he will
RB> stick to his guns (no pun intended), do nothing, and keep blaming the
RB> opposition for the mess he has caused by changing the status of a
RB> first-time illegal entry. THAT was in his interest, and (he hopes) may
RB> still get his party votes in the upcoming congressional elections.

His 'stunt' would have set precedence with for other misdemeanor charges. The
law passed by congress is very clear on the differences between a civil and
criminal charge. He made a misdemeanor charge into a felony. As I said to Greg,
what would stop prosecutors from doing the same thing to simple assult,
reckless driving, DUI... etc. See the possibilities..

Well, now it's moot except for the fact he's authourized the DoJ to petition
for a change to the 20-day rule and make it permenant for first time
asylum/refugee petitioners.



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