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SubjWar With Russia
Hiya Robert...

-=> Robert Bashe wrote to Bill McGarrity on 06-20-18 12:18 <=-

RB> Bill McGarrity wrote to Gregory Deyss on Tuesday June 19 2018 at 09:05:

BM> Glad to hear your ancestors were hard working people but I must ask
BM> one question. Did they, like so many, apply for a permanent residency
BM> visa at a US Embassy in Germany and wait ten years for it to be
BM> processed OR, did they travel to Hamburg, hop on a frigette, take the
BM> trip to NYC (less Lady Liberty), get off the boat and catch the next
BM> wagontrain to Albany?

RB> Probably.

I would certainly bet on that scenario...

BM> Also, what did immigrants due before Ellis Island opened?

RB> Caught the next wagon train to Albany (or more likely were picked up by
RB> relatives at the pier.

See... I would have been a winner!!

RB> Passports are a relatively new invention, and weren't in general use
RB> until after WWI.

And probably very easy to forge... so why bother?



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