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-=> Gregory Deyss wrote to Bill McGarrity on 06-19-18 23:30 <=-

BM> Glad to hear your ancestors were hard working people but I must ask one
BM> question. Did they, like so many, apply for a permanent residency visa
BM> at a US Embassy in Germany and wait ten years for it to be processed OR,
BM> did they travel to Hamburg, hop on a frigette, take the trip to NYC
BM> (less Lady Liberty), get off the boat and catch the next wagontrain to
BM> Albany?

GD> I honestly do not know if there was a US Embassy in Hamburg, way back
GD> then in Germany. I would like to find out as I have been wanting to
GD> discovery about family history, and I wonder if I have relatives that
GD> exist in Germany.

I doubt it very much but that's ok.... you missed my point totally.

BM> Really? Did your ancestors have documented paperwork by the US Embassy in
BM> Germany before stepping foot on US soil?

GD> I could ask you the same question did your ancestors, did they have the
GD> required paperwork from the US Embassy in Ireland before stepping foot
GD> on US soil?

Probably not. My maternal ancestors were here from the 1830's and I know they
never had any paperwork to enter the country. They were seaman though so I can
only assume there were crewmembers and decided to stay. Don't think paperwork
other than declaring yourself was all that was needed back then. Guess the
government was worried about all the GOP boogiemen. I know my 4x great uncle
served in the Merchant Marines during the Civil War and by then was

GD> I have a question for you, does any of this matter now, because we are
GD> both Americans. I would think that both of our ancestors came here
GD> through ellis island.

Sure it does and as I explained above, not all mine did. Ellis Island was a
port-of-entry and I'll bet 98% of those who were immigrating had NO papers
other than the clothes on their back. So the excuse of 'my anscestors came
through Ellis Island' is propaganda. Actully, it would help the very type of
immigration your fighting against. That's my point. Ellis Island is a false
narrative for the Trump generation.

GD> I wonder what would of happened if one decided that they wanted
GD> to take the thought process of today's undocumented immigrant and just
GD> had the thought to themselves, you know what I am not going to ellis
GD> island to be processed, I want to skip the lines, jump out of the boat
GD> and swim to shore.

Greg, the fact still remains NONE of them had immigration paperwork and were
considered refugees. I'm not really sure what type of hardship there was in
Germany back then (I'm sure I could look it up if I was of German ancestry) but
I do know mine were fleeing the British control under the disguise of the
potato famine.

GD> All I can tell you Bill, we are a sovereign nation of laws, if the laws
GD> are ignored then we have no country.

I agree yet Trump decided to change the law for asylum/refugee seekers making
their first time entry a felony rather than a misdemeanor. You do understand
the precidence he set. It could be argued that any misdemeanor could warrant
the removal of any child from a family where a parent/guardian commits a
misdemeanor. That includes simple assault, reckless driving, DUI, creating a
disturbance.... etc. See how things can spiral from one act of reckless

I am not against a more defined immigration policy and it should be done but
the man's insanity blaming the 'other' party is childish. This has been going
on for decades no matter which party controlled the legislative branch. The
'wall' is a pipe dream. It's never going to happen but it certainly was a good
talking point on his behalf, especially where Mexico was going to pay for it.
Y'll feel for that hook, line and sinker.

BM> Right now there are many industries in the country hurting due to this
BM> insane policy.

GD> It not a policy, it's the law. You will be prosecuted if you come here
GD> illegally.

Duh.... read above and if it is the 'LAW', why did he sign an EO today? In all
actuallity, his policy change created this fiasco, not an existing law. There
was NO law stating that children be removed from their parents/guardians when
seeking asylum/refugee status. They must be housed together for no more than 20
days. Maybe he should think about investing in the court system so these
'criminals' :) can be processed faster so they can either stay or be deported.
That's where my $ would go and I assure you, it would certainly cost less that
a wall where the cartels will just tunnel under anyway and we'd be right back
where we are today only $30+ billion (and growing) poorer.



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