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SubjWar With Russia
On 2018 Jun 20 12:21:48, you wrote to Robert Bashe:

JK> Sorry Bob, Illegal entry is still a misdemeanor. The difference is
JK> that Trump unlike previous administrations has decided that all
JK> immigrants who enter illegally should be detained separate from their
JK> children thus making the children unaccompanied minors who have to be
JK> detained.

the main thing to see here is that they (GOP) are manufacturing these
misdemeanor violations... they are doing this by not opening the entry points
properly... the main problem is having to ask for asylum ON US SOIL... that
should be ok to be done at embassies but apparently not... at least not now...
so the folks are crossing anyway, turning themselves in, and asking for asylum
as they intended all along... the manufacturing part is the crossing outside
the closed(!) designated entry points... they're keeping the doors closed on
purpose and forcing people to do this or die...


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