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SubjWar With Russia
> On 2018 Jun 19 23:17:00, you wrote to Gregory Deyss:

>>> This is nothing more this bias bullshit, the real truth is many
>>> children are in centers where these children are looked after, the
>>> center that I am referring to was a closed down wal*mart and was
>>> converted into to care center where these children are fed well, they
>>> have beds to sleep in and lots of activities even play video games as
>>> they have Sony Playstations

>> And NO mommies or daddies to comfort them, kiss them good night or
>> touch them. In fact none of the Gov't people CAN touch any of these
>> children or console them.

> and they won't allow those children to console each other, either... hell,
> they're having to help each other... one eight year old girl had to teach
>others how to change the diaper of a baby she was trying to take care of...
>she had to teach them that because she was being moved to another

And people like Greg can't admit this is happening and how BAD it is because it
is _way too close_ to Nazi Germany's dehumanization of people. As I wrote to
friend in Europe recently:

The first step is to dehumanize your chosen victims, the second step is to
claim you are only doing what the law requires, and the third step is to deny
everything until you can get the population to support it.... or at least
pretend it's not happening.

Greg and others who support this BS are being played.

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