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SubjRe: War With Russia
>> GD> your not aware that these photos with children in cages that repulse
>> GD> you so much, were taken while Obama era was he was President. This do

Greg, they were NOT taken during the Obama era. The pictures I referred to
were taken NOW. You are in Step #3 in the denial sequence... If you see some
damn day/time stamp in the photos I referred to it is because some asshole
photoshopped it in to trick gullible fools into believing it is an Obama era

>> GD> not have anything to do with Trump.
>> What makes you think they were taking during the Obama era? PUSU.

> It's obvious there is a date stamp in the corner of the photo.

BS. YOU may be looking at some warped photo, but no one else is.

>> They are seeking asylum to keep their childred from being murdered or
>> worse by the cartels where they were from. What would you do to protect
>> your children.

> The democratic party are using these children as political pawns, for future
> democratic voters. Where was the outrage when Obama separated children from
> families. The adults are prosecuted, this is why the children are separated.

Those children, being separated from their parents are the reason Doctors have
expressed concern regarding the children's brain development. It is a
documented problem, and it's the REASON we do not have orphanages in this
country any longer (or if one exists, it is being phased out, to be replaced
with the foster care system).

I do wish you'd keep up with the rest of humanity, Greg.

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