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On 2018 Jun 20 13:00:30, you wrote to Dale Shipp:

RB>>> Jazz wrote to Janis Kracht on Saturday June 16 2018 at 16:28:

RB>>> Who on earth is "jazz"? And was this message just due to an
RB>>> incorrectly configured system or was someone trying to be "cute"?

DS>> Why are you fussing at Janet because of a message writen *TO* her by
DS>> someone else.

RB> I wasn't. It was a message she wrote to _me_.

no she didn't... the only linked message to jazz's post is your's...

DS>> If you wish to complain, complain to the source who wrote the message.

RB> And you might stick to things that concern you.

in a public echo? riiiiight...


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