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SubjWar With Russia
On 2018 Jun 19 23:30:04, you wrote to Bill McGarrity:

GD> All I can tell you Bill, we are a sovereign nation of laws, if the
GD> laws are ignored then we have no country.

you're right about that! trump doesn't know the law and he ignores it at every
turn... this is quite apparent in his actions and these things he is doing...
he's done it for decades... ignore the law until he is caught doing something
to break them and then he does what it takes to make that problem ""go
away""... why do you think he has had so many of his companies go bankrupt? who
in the hell owns casinos and runs them into bankruptcy?!!? he is a piece of raw
shit and that's an insult to the real pieces of raw shit... he's tearing this
country apart as fast as he can and he's doing it for personal and family
financial gain which is ALSO against the law!


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