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SubjWar With Russia
Gregory Deyss wrote to Ward Dossche on Tuesday June 19 2018 at 07:36:

GD> What we did not do is "but the line", sneak in the country, in the
GD> cloak of darkness. We did not expect others to take care of us through
GD> Government handouts.

You make one assumption here that I consider unjustified.

That is, that all illegal immigrants only want to live without working on
government handouts.

My impression is that many would _like_ to work, but in view of the lack of
documentation (Social Security Card) are prevented from doing so in most cases.

This kind of problem also exists in Germany, where refugees are not _allowed_
to work - at least in theory in order to protect local jobs - and just sit
around all day. However, I often wonder whether something like the CCC
(remember FDR and the Depression?), public works on infrastructure and the
like, wouldn't be a better way to go. Pay a refugee a low wage (not competitive
with regular wages), provide food and shelter on top, and require work on
public projects in return, at least until an application for refugee status is
approved or disapproved. That would seem to benefit all concerned, without
endangering local jobs.

I wonder why - to my knowledge - there has been no discussion of such a system
either here or in the USA, since it would also alleviate feelings such as those
you express above. No "featherbedding", just honest work.

Cheers, Bob

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