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SubjWar With Russia
Lee Lofaso wrote to Gregory Deyss on Tuesday June 19 2018 at 13:07:

LL> It is the policy of the Trump administration to separate parents from
LL> their children.

My understanding is that innocent dependents are _always_ separated from
arrested persons accused of a felony, which is the case here. And that this
does _not_ depend on the type of felony. Accused murderers and kidnappers are
also not incarcerated together with their children. Nor are persons accused of
lesser felonies.

So this particular thing doesn't happen to be a Trump speciality. But see

LL> It was never the policy of the GWB administration, or the Obama
LL> administration, to do so.

It most certainly was. However, the critical difference between then and now is
that a first-time illegal entry into the USA was previously classed as a
misdemenor. Those accused of a misdemenor are not generally separated from
dependents, as their punishment is generally only a fine, not a prison term.
And nobody puts children into prison for the crimes of their parents.

The big change is that it's now classed as a felony and thus the law (not one
made by Trump) takes its course.

THIS is what you can blame Trump for, but NOT for the fact that accused felons
are separated from dependents. That was always the case.

So campaign to reduce a first-time illegal entry back to the status of a
misdemenor, and the problem would be solved. Trump could do this with the
stroke of a pen. But his policy is to attempt to fan the flames he caused by
making a first-time illegal entry a felony instead of a misdemenor, and shift
the hue and cry to the Democrats. That is natually untrue, but in his eyes
politically expedient. So he will stick to his guns (no pun intended), do
nothing, and keep blaming the opposition for the mess he has caused by changing
the status of a first-time illegal entry. THAT was in his interest, and (he
hopes) may still get his party votes in the upcoming congressional elections.

Cheers, Bob

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