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SubjRe: War With Russia
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JK> And more: Whole familes torn apart, some never to be reunited again...
JK> Young children who have been psychologically damaged beyond belief by
JK> keeping them in _cages_ in those interment camps. Sure, that will
JK> create strong upstanding citizens in the U.S.

GD> You should really better and check your facts before sounding off with
GD> falsehoods and lies, I know what your trying to do here, make it look

You should do the same. Separating children from families like is now
being done has never been done in any previous administration.

GD> like Trumps fault. Well it is not his fault, all he is doing is
GD> enforcing the laws on the books. Nice try with the cage comment, maybe
GD> your not aware that these photos with children in cages that repulse
GD> you so much, were taken while Obama era was he was President. This does
GD> not have anything to do with Trump.

What makes you think they were taking during the Obama era? PUSU.

GD> problem, why don't you pick up the phone call your democratic buddies
GD> and tell them to work with the President and fix this.

Trump is holding these children hostage to blackmail congress. He says
"Fund my wall and I will stop the policy I created!" I had always
thought that blackmail was a felony offence.

GD> If they these parents don't want to be separated from their children
GD> that they claim to love and cherish so much, then don't sneak across
GD> the border illegally. Get in line like everybody else who wants to call
GD> USA home sweet home.

They are seeking asylum to keep their childred from being murdered or
worse by the cartels where they were from. What would you do to protect
your children.

The latest news is even more disturbing. The Trump adiministration has
recently opened three secret (AKA Black) sites to hold infant and
toddlers who have been taken from their mothers.

This is not the policy that any sane American should support.

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