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SubjRe: War With Russia
On 06/19/18, Janis Kracht said the following...

JK> > On 06/18/18, Janis Kracht said the following...
JK> >> And more: Whole familes torn apart, some never to be reunited again...
JK> >> Young children who have been psychologically damaged beyond belief by
JK> >> keeping them in _cages_ in those interment camps. Sure, that will
JK> >> create strong upstanding citizens in the U.S.
JK> > You should really better and check your facts before sounding off with
JK> > falsehoods and lies,
JK> Look in the mirror, Greg...
JK> > I know what your trying to do here, make it look like
JK> > Trumps fault. Well it is not his fault, all he is doing is enforcing the
JK> > on the books. Nice try with the cage comment, maybe your not aware that
JK> Do you know what "laws" are on the books? I do. I'll tell you in a
JK> moment.
JK> > photos with children in cages that repulse you so much, were taken while
JK> > Obama era was he was President. This does not have anything to do with T
JK> > This is nothing more this bias bullshit, the real truth is many children
JK> > are in centers where these children are looked after, the center that I
JK> > referring to was a closed down wal*mart and was converted into to care c
JK> > where these children are fed well, they have beds to sleep in and lots o
JK> > activities even play video games as they have Sony Playstations
JK> And NO mommies or daddies to comfort them, kiss them good night or touch
JK> them. In fact none of the Gov't people CAN touch any of these children
JK> or console them.
JK> What the hell is wrong with your brain, Greg, that you cannot see how
JK> terrible this situation is for these children! and for their mothers
JK> and fathers? I would have _killed_ anyone who tried to take my kids
JK> away... and crap, then put them in a concentration camp (that's what
JK> these centers are).
JK> now.. the "laws" statement you so foolishly hang on to..
JK> There is no law on the books in the U.S. saying that unaccompanied
JK> minors must be incarcerated. There is a law that says unaccompanied
JK> minors may be detained. A court decision has refined that to say they
JK> can be held for up to 20 days in the least restrictive environment
JK> possible. Holding them in pens in a converted WalMart does not meet
JK> that requirement!
JK> Nothing requires children to be separated from their parents even if
JK> their parents are detained pending a deportation hearing.
JK> Grow a pair fer god's sake.
JK> Here is what I wrote to a friend of mine who questioned WTF was going on
JK> in this country:
JK> Jk: The people in the Trump administration seem to have studied Nazi
JK> Germany and learned how to make crap like this acceptable to a sizable
JK> minority in this country... The first step is to dehumanize your chosen
JK> victims, the second step is to claim you are only doing what the law
JK> requires (!), and the third step is to deny everything until you can get
JK> the population to support it.... or at least pretend it's not happening.

JK> As I note above, Smells like Nazi Germany to me.

Get a grip Janis, in the Nazi camps Jews were put to death. No one is dying
here, and they are not in cages at any facility, but there is a pic that is
circulating on the internet, and that was taken under the Obama era, and yes
those children were in cages. This pic was used for propaganda by hateful
dems and left, I am sure you know the type, only thing is oops, it wasn't under
the Trump Administration.

where was your outrage when Obama did this?
This is nothing more than, hate over Trump and left over strong emotions that
so many said up and down and sweared crossways that Donald Trump would never
become President.

Obama expanded the zero tolerance policy of crossing the border illegally.
First time misdeamoner, second a felony.

Obama separated kids from families. Point of fact.

Obama increased the prosecutions by 200% as a DETERRENT.
Operation Streamline, oringinating from Bush GREATLY EXPANDED BY OBAMA.
Obama also greatly expanded the ALIEN (see that word people, "alien"
Relocation program, meaning if you were arrested in Texas, you were deported
from California which further separated parents from children.

Anti trafficking statute separation by Obama as well.

Did CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Washington Post, New York Times, Politico,
Daily Beast, Huffington Post, Salon, PBS NOT KNOW THIS? Are they that
ignorant of the facts. Or just hyper partisan?

"It is important to note that these minors are very well taken care of --
don't believe the press -- they are very well taken care of," Nielsen said.
But, she added: "If you cross the border illegally. If you make a false
immigration claim, we will prosecute you. If you smuggle aliens ...
we will prosecute you."

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