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Hello Kees,

On Tuesday June 19 2018 16:48, you wrote to me:

KE> I am sorry to rain on your party, but net 500 was certainly not the
KE> first net outside North America.

Are you sure?

KE> The first net's were formed when Fidonet was still 2D.

Yep. The idea was nets<500 North America, nets>=500 rest of the world.

That idea was dropped with the coming of zones. but hat was later.

KE> There were some nets, o.a. in the nordic countries and Britain as
KE> well.

Nets or just isolated nodes?

Henk's was not the first node outside North America. There were a few nodes in
Europe before Henk got his. But they had a node number in NA. Just like Henk's
first node number.

TTBOMK net 500 was the first /net/ outside USA.

KE> Hardly any nodelist of those times have survived, so we have to rely
KE> on the memory of those who lived it.

The human memory is notoriously unreliable. Mine is no exception. On the
contrary, mine is more unreliable than average. So I may have it wrong...

KE> Also the later 500net started as a net in a USA region, before it
KE> went public.

I have seen a nodelist where it was listed in Region 2.

Cheers, Michiel

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