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SubjKeeping it private.
Hello Michiel!

19 Jun 18 16:28, you wrote to Bill McGarrity:

MvdV> Ward has mixed up P4 and EP1. As I said, I knew Henk Wevers personally.
MvdV> He was the host of the first net outside North America. Net 500. My
MvdV> first node number was 2:500/5555. I met Henk on at least a dozen
MvdV> ocasions. I have it from his own mouth that Z2 rejected P4 and adopted
MvdV> EP1 by ZC decree when Henk was ZC2.

I am sorry to rain on your party, but net 500 was certainly not the first
net outside North America.

The first net's were formed when Fidonet was still 2D. There were some nets,
o.a. in the nordic countries and Britain as well. Hardly any nodelist of those
times have survived, so we have to rely on the memory of those who lived

Also the later 500net started as a net in a USA region, before it went public.

I do remeber there were some routing disasters when mail between nets in
Europe were routed via the region host. With modem speeds of 300bps and
high rates for transatlantic calls, that was no fun for those who footed
the bill.


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