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SubjWar With Russia
-=> Gregory Deyss wrote to Ward Dossche on 06-19-18 07:36 <=-

GD> On 06/19/18, Ward Dossche said the following...

WD> GD> Get in line like everybody else who wants to call USA home
WD> GD> sweet home.
WD> Just wondering ... how did you get to call it 'home, sweet home, ?

GD> So glad you asked this question, my family on my fathers side arrived
GD> to America in the early 1800's from Germany, we like so many came here
GD> for a better life, we knew there would be a lot of hard work and
GD> determination that it would required, but we did what was necessary to
GD> build a better life, but before we could do any of it, we had to come
GD> here through immigration.

Glad to hear your ancestors were hard working people but I must ask one
question. Did they, like so many, apply for a permanent residency visa at a US
Embassy in Germany and wait ten years for it to be processed OR, did they
travel to Hamburg, hop on a frigette, take the trip to NYC (less Lady Liberty),
get off the boat and catch the next wagontrain to Albany?

Also, what did immigrants due before Ellis Island opened?

GD> What we did not do is "but the line", sneak in the country, in the
GD> cloak of darkness. We did not expect others to take care of us through
GD> Government handouts.

Really? Did your ancestors have documented paperwork by the US Embassy in
Germany before stepping foot on US soil?

FYI, undocumented workers still pay taxes yet are not afforded the availability
of the benefits that accompany said tax payments. They are given a Individual
Taxpayer ID number. You're so brainwashed but the bullshit of Faux it's

Right now there are many industries in the country hurting due to this insane
policy. The crab industry in Maryland when Trump signed an EO limiting the H1-B
visa program (BTW, he still managed to get 100 foreign workers to staff
Mar-A-Largo before the signing). Produce farmers in PA are looking for field
workers as well as avacado farmers in CA. These are the jobs people like you
say the undocumented are 'stealing'. Well, they're available now. Where are all
those patriotic Americans breaking the doors down to get a job that pays

Please, look at facts, not the spoon fed bullshit Trump wants you to hear.



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