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SubjWar With Russia
-=> mark lewis wrote to Gregory Deyss on 06-18-18 23:57 <=-

ml> On 2018 Jun 18 22:56:58, you wrote to Janis Kracht:

GD> You should really better and check your facts before sounding off with
GD> falsehoods and lies, I know what your trying to do here, make it look like
GD> Trumps fault.

ml> alright, gregory... how about this... YOU tell us exactly which LAW it
ml> is that is supposedly FORCING ICE to forcibly separate breast feeding
ml> children from their mothers? WHICH FUCKING LAW??!!?? come on! TELL US!

Here is my new reply to Trumpsters who have no clue as to the actual contensts
of the law yet spout off Faux Entertainment, Brietbart (although I give Steve
credit for coming down against this insanity) or InfoWars.


You are receiving this message because you posted in defense of Donald Trump. I
no longer provide iindividual responses on this matter. It has been my
experience that Trump supporters are universally incapable of accepting
verifiable truths about him and, by extension, themselves, thus rendering
discussion pointless and therefore, a waste of time.

I wish you the best in your ongoing battle with reality..

Yours respectfully,

A logical person

As you can probably ascertained, it has been met with mixed reviews. The
Trumpsters hate it, folks who have a grasp on reality love it.



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