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Hiya mark..

-=> mark lewis wrote to Bill McGarrity on 06-18-18 10:25 <=-

ml> On 2018 Jun 17 20:33:00, you wrote to Michiel van der Vlist:

BM>>> Yet there were members of Z2 who did vote

MvV>> So you say. But where is the list of voters to confirm it?

BM> Again, you use cliched symantics to justify your cause. Show me where
BM> they didn't vote?

ml> what's worse is that he is trying to apply today's methodologies to the
ml> processes of the 1980s... that definitely won't work and he knows it...

The methodologies really have no bearing on the simple outcome on whether Z2
voted. Ward has shown first hand information that during a meeting, P4 was
accepted with no objections. I can only go by that for now.

ml> it was certainly agreed that the process described in P4 would be used
ml> since there was no existing process in place... one of the positive
ml> ideas was that it would help to flesh out the process so corrections
ml> might be made if needed... apparently there were none needed...

I guess but in all honesty, some areas do need to be put through a finer
toothed comb.

ml> certainly Z2 votes were counted... possibly also Z3 and Z4 if they were
ml> in operation before Jun of '89... they may have voted as nets if their
ml> zones were not established yet... out of the 111 votes that were not
ml> Z1, the majority of them had to be Z2 just due to the fact of the
ml> number of nodes in Z2 compared to Z3 and Z4...

Does it really matter now? As you said, who knows if Z3 and Z4 were in
operation and as such, if Z1 went YEA and Z2 NAH, then the obvious conclusion
to break the tie wiould ahve been through sysop participation. I don't know. I
didn't hit the streets till 1994.

Be well..



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