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SubjRe: War With Russia

GD> So glad you asked this question, my family on my fathers side arrived to
GD> America in the early 1800's from Germany, we like so many came here for a
GD> better life, we knew there would be a lot of hard work and determination
GD> that
GD> it would required, but we did what was necessary to build a better life,
GD> but
GD> before we could do any of it, we had to come here through immigration.

I find the story of the immigrants fascinating. Over the years I visited Ellis
Island several times and it has something to it.

I always wondered what it must be like for people to leave their home turf
fully understanding it was for 'forever' in those days. 'Good-bye grandpa
grandma, I'll see you in the afterlife'...

The same feelings I have when visiting County Donegal in Ireland and you pass
completely abandoned 18th and 19th century settlements.


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