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SubjWar With Russia
Hello Greg,

JK>> And more: Whole familes torn apart, some never to be reunited again...
JK>> Young children who have been psychologically damaged beyond belief by
JK>> keeping them in _cages_ in those interment camps. Sure, that will
JK>> create strong upstanding citizens in the U.S.

GD> You should really better and check your facts before sounding off with
GD> falsehoods and lies, I know what your trying to do here, make it look like
GD> Trumps fault.

It is the policy of the Trump administration to separate
parents from their children. It was never the policy of the
GWB administration, or the Obama administration, to do so.

That is the reality.

GD> Well it is not his fault,

It most definitely is his fault. And his fault alone. Using
children as [political] weapons. Truly beyond the pale.

GD> all he is doing is enforcing the laws on the books.

The GWB administration enforced the same laws, without ever
separating parents from their children. The Obama administration
enforced the same laws, without ever separating parents from their
children. Why did Donald Trump choose to use a sick policy of
separating parents from their children? Who does he hate more,
the parents who love their children, or the children who love
their parents? Maybe he hates everybody just the same. Any
which way you look at it, Donald Trump is one sick puppy.

GD> Nice try with the cage comment, maybe your not aware that these
GD> photos with children in cages that repulse you so much, were taken while
GD> Obama era was he was President. This does not have anything to do with
GD> Trump.

Those very same cages were used during the GWB administration.
As well as the Obama administration. And are still in use today,
during the current Trump administration. However, what is so
different is that children are now being put inside those cages.
Some of them too young to tie their shoes, or even speak. Just
imagine the horror they must be going through. Especially not
being hold their mommy's hand while being incarcerated.

GD> This is nothing more this bias bullshit, the real truth is many children
GD> in centers where these children are looked after, the center that I am
GD> referring to was a closed down wal*mart and was converted into to care
GD> center where these children are fed well, they have beds to sleep in and
GD> lots of activities even play video games as they have Sony Playstations

Are these places supposed to be some kind of updated version
of Japanese American internment camps? Oops. My bad. Those
being interned are not Americans at all. Even though many
are children.

GD> These laws are on the books for the past 10 years,

One more time - the Trump administration is using a sick *policy*
that no other previous administration has chosen to do.

GD> so instead of griping and complaining and trying to blame Donald Trump for
GD> this problem, why don't you pick up the phone call your democratic buddies
GD> and tell them to work with the President and fix this.

Donald Trump can change his policy any time he wants. He does
not need anybody else's help to do so. He created this problem.
He can end it. Nobody is stopping him. Except Donald Trump

GD> If they these parents don't want to be separated from their children that
GD> they claim to love and cherish so much, then don't sneak across the border
GD> illegally.

It is never a moral act to forcibly separate children from their
parents. Even if they do enter illegally.

GD> Get in line like everybody else who wants to call USA home sweet
GD> home.

The GWB administration did not have a problem deporting those
who came to this country illegally. Ditto with the Obama
administration. Both GWB and Obama knew right from wrong, and
well understood what the reaction would be from the American
people had they even thought of doing such a dastardly thing as
separating children from their parents.

Children are not pawns in some kind of political game.
And should never be used as weapons. And yet, that is exactly
what your shit-for-brains president is doing.


Your Hole Is Our Goal

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