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SubjRe: Keeping it private.
-=> On 06-18-18 19:22, Lee Lofaso <=-
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WD> (+1997), Rene Gustin (2:292/850), Henk Wevers (former
WD> ZC2) and me. This was

Note that Ward said "Henk Wevers (Former ZC2)".

WD> during the second realm of Ron Dwight as ZC. It was during discussions on

And that Ron D was on his second realm as ZC2, i.e. well after Henk had
turned over the reins.

LL> This was undotbtedly before Eurocon III.

Your time line is off, or else you cannot read.

WD> then they came down with P4, I thought it was a good
WD> idea and decreed that
WD> if no-one would object in Z2 it would be in force. Nobody objected".

LL> In Fidonews 622 (29 May 1989) Henk Wevers wrote about Eurocon III,
LL> noting Zone 2 sysops "voted down unanimously" the Policy-4 proposal.
LL> That would include himself.

LL> How do you like your crow? Baked, stewed, roasted, or raw?

The crow is in your face, not Ward's.

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