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Gerrit Kuehn wrote to Robert Bashe on Monday June 18 2018 at 20:37:

RB>> I wrote something about this, including a section of the
RB>> "Grundgesetz" (German constitution) which - unfortunately - is almost
RB>> universally ignored.

GK> The part that is imho even more ignored is art. 21: "Die Parteien
GK> wirken bei der politischen Willensbildung des Volkes mit."

I admit, I had to giggle when I read this. Does anybody _really_ believe such

GK> In English: "The parties assist in the political decision-making of
GK> the people". In real life, parties do not "assist", they merely
GK> dominate the whole process.

Quite true. Why cares about back-benchers? Except, of course, in close votes,
when "Fraktionszwang" is invoked. And God help those who vote against the
party. Re-election is only one way to exert pressure. Membership in important
committees is another. And there are naturally further opportunities to
pressure a representative into a "party" vote.

Cheers, Bob

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