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SubjKeeping it private.
Hello Dale,

On Thursday June 14 2018 02:26, you wrote to Lee Lofaso:

DS> You are wrong. It was 227 votes out of the 286 *Cs, i.e. 79% of those
DS> eligible to vote. It was not a Sysop wide election. Since Z1 only
DS> had 175 eligible voters some of those 227 votes had to have come from
DS> Z2.

The numbers do not mean very much if there is no record of how the election was
conducted and and if there is no confidence that it was counducted in a fair
and honest way. Elections conducted in secrecy do not help building confidence.
I personally knew Henk Wevers. I met him about a dozen times. You have your
numbers. I know what Henk Wevers told me.

"Z2 rejected P4. We were betrayed."

Z1 rammed P4 down our throats by right of might.

Cheers, Michiel

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