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SubjRe: Keeping it private.

-=> On 06-13-18 18:18, Lee Lofaso <=-
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LL> 227 votes, both yea and nay, out of some 20,000 nodes.
LL> That is 1.135% of the total number of sysops in FidoNet
LL> even bothering to vote on the proposal. And with only
LL> 152 sysops voting in favor, that would be 0.76%. Talk
LL> about a real "mandate".

You are wrong. It was 227 votes out of the 286 *Cs, i.e. 79% of those
eligible to vote. It was not a Sysop wide election. Since Z1 only had
175 eligible voters some of those 227 votes had to have come from Z2.

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